During Sail at Scheveningen, hospitality cruises are organized aboard the Tall Ships in cooperation with Het Nautisch Evenementen Bureau. During these cruises you sail through the port of Scheveningen and on the North Sea. There are four different types of cruise packages: SAIL-In, Afternoon, Evening, and SAIL-Out. Your guests will be fully taken care of; from reception in the port of Scheveningen to the last cup of coffee on board. Would you like to request a quote? Please contact us.

SAIL-in parade

On Thursday, June 20th, all Tall Ships arrive in one big parade along the coast of Scheveningen. This is a unique opportunity to see the largest Tall Ships in the world and undoubtedly the highlight of the event. You can sail along in this parade aboard one of these Tall Ships. During the cruise you have a magnificent view of the impressive fleet on the North Sea and Scheveningen. During the cruise you will be provided with everything you need, including a breakfast and an extensive lunch.


During the afternoon cruise you sail through the port of Scheveningen, while the event Sail op Scheveningen is in full swing. You have an excellent view of the varied fleet of Dutch and international Tall Ships. After a short cruise through the harbor, the ship will set course West. The sails are hoisted and you experience what it’s like to sail on a traditional Tall Ship on the North Sea. After a short sailing cruise, the ship returns to the port.


The evening package offers you the most romantic image of the Tall Ships and Scheveningen at dusk. You will make a short cruise through the harbor where you will pass the many Tall Ships from all over the world, before leaving for the North Sea and the setting sun. At the end of the evening you will have a top-of-the-line place on board of your Tall Ship for the spectacular light show in the harbor of Scheveningen, with which the event day will be ended.

SAIL-Out parade

On Sunday 23 June, all Tall Ships from Scheveningen will depart in a large parade along the coast. You can sail on one of the ships and experience this impressive spectacle with your guests up close. This is one of the few moments when you can see the largest Tall Ships in the world sailing along the Dutch coast. It is therefore expected that the Scheveningen beaches will be full of spectators. At the end of the cruise you will be dropped off with your guests in the Scheveningen harbor, where the cruise began.

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