Sail at Scheveningen is part of the Liberty Tall Ship Regatta 2019. This Regatta starts on 6 June in Rouen, France with L’Armada Rouen. This event lasts until 16 June, after which the fleet sails to Scheveningen in a four-day race to be at Sail op Scheveningen from 20 to 23 June.


Coinciding with the 75-year Jubilee of D-Day and the liberation of the occupied territories in Northwest Europe, the Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019 will reflect the theme of international friendship and understanding that is central to every Sail Training International Tall Ships event.

The Race

The race from Rouen in France starts after the spectacular Parade of Sail, after which a race starts around a series of waypoints in the English Channel, before the ships sail through the Dover Straights to the bustling port of Scheveningen in the Netherlands.

The ships will enter the Scheveningen port in a Sail in Parade.


With the Regatta many trainees will sail on the Tall Ships. These trainees will learn the tricks of the trade, participate in all watches and jobs and live the experience of a lifetime during the race to Scheveningen. Read more about Trainees here.

Sail Training International

The Liberty Tall Ships Regatta 2019 is organized by Sail Training International (STI). The STI is an international non-profit organization that organizes and stimulates sailing events and sail training for young people. The STI cooperates with countries, cities, associations and ships from all over the world.

The aim of STI is development and education for young people with all kinds of backgrounds, nationality, faith and gender. For more information, go to