During Sail op Scheveningen from June 20th to June 23rd 2019, Het Nautisch Evenementen Bureau offers unique cruises and opportunities on the Tall Ships. These packages are offered on various traditional sailing ships. When booking your cruises you can choose from various catering options created by chef Bob van Bemmel from Catch by Simonis. For more information you can request a quote or contact us.

Hospitality Cruises

Sail with your guests on a Tall Ship through the port of Scheveningen and at the North Sea. During the cruise you get a unique perspective on the Tall Ships and Scheveningen.

Deck Parties

Receive your guests aboard a Tall Ship in the heart of the event Sail op Scheveningen for a reception or dinner.


The catering menu is designed by Chef Bob van Bemmel from local restaurant Catch by Simonis and uses local fresh ingredients.

Tall Ships

An overview of the ships that you can book for cruises and deck parties.