One of the goals of Sail op Scheveningen is to create opportunities and unique experiences for young people from both The Hague and the many countries represented in this international city. We will do this by letting the young adults, with different nationalities, sail along in the race from Rouen to Sail op Scheveningen.

The Liberty Tall Ships Regatta is in honor of the international liberation of Europe that began 75 years ago. To reinforce this message, embassies and organizations from various countries are participating in the trainee program in which international couples of young people work together and gain international experiences. The trainee program is supported by embassies and international companies. Does your organization or embassy wants to support an international couple of trainees?

Approximately 150 young adults between the ages of 15 and 28 will participate in this adventure. The participants consist of couples from one young adult from the area The Hague and one young adult from embassies and international organizations based in The Hague.

Sail Training involves more than just learning how to set the sails, or sailing on a magnetic compass. It includes a complete training program that enables participants to develop themselves, become stronger and gain experience in a unique environment.