Free your Future

This program is especially for at people between 15 – 28 years old.

75 years ago, The Hague was liberated after years of struggle and war. A time that has demanded numerous sacrifices. Sacrifices that we no longer have to bring, but which do require effort to guard the acquired freedom. Because freedom is never self-evident.

Being free means being able to make your own choices. Do what you are good at, what you like. And if you do not know for a moment, discover where your talents lie. Being free is a future. And the future, that’s the youth, that’s you. Free your Future!

The municipality of The Hague invites young people like you to provide ideas for a free future. Together with young people from other countries. For freedom, you achieve that together, connected, not alone, without limits. Even the United Nations (UN) understands this and has included in the Youth 2030 report that young people should have a bigger voice in the international community. This is your chance.

Embassies from around the world have created the Free your Future project. Free your Future connects 70 Dutch young people to 70 young people from other countries. Together you think – on board the Liberty Regatta – about ideas for a sustainable free future.

After arriving in The Hague you share your ideas with the visitors of Sail at Scheveningen and representatives of the UN. An ideal opportunity to really add something to a more free world. In your sailing suit, on the quay, with a few days (and nights) at sea under your belt.

Free your Future is for everyone over 15 years old. Even when you are in a lesser economic position. This is your chance to speak out. Because our freedom belongs to all of us, including you.

Yes, participating in Free your Future during the Liberty Regatta costs money. Money that you may not have. In order to give everybody the opportunity to participate, you can qualify for a sponsorship by one of the participating embassies or befriended companies.

Let your voice be heard. Check if you are eligible for sponsorship for participation as a trainee at the Liberty Regatta and the Free your Future project. It helps if you let your creativity speak. So make a video about yourself, a photo collage, a work of art, everything is possible. From the submissions the organization selects a group for a personal interview.

Please send your application to: